rotring museum


WELCOME to online Rotring museum.

Rotring, a company with a massive global impact in the field of technical drawing tools and writing implements, with a rich history that started in 1928. inspired us to found the Online Rotring Museum with the purpose od collecting and preserving valuable knowledge about the company history and its vintage products.

Our vision is to host a complete catalogue of Rotring articles, documented with professional photographs, product codes and descriptions. A search function allows accessing the vast information inside our one-of-a-kind database. In addition to a members forum, we will also feature interviews with Rotring VIPs and showcase product reviews.

The Online Rotring Museum is where experts and enthusiasts alike can find and exchange information about all things related to Rotring.

The doors of the museum opened for the first time in August 2021 and our ever- growing catalogue contains already hundreds of documented items with few thousand unique photos.

Newell Brands, current owner of Rotring brand, allowed us to do this, but they have no responsibility for the contents of the site. This is private site and we don't officially represent rotring brand.

The driving force behind the Online Rotring Museum is the Duje Šegvić, aka Dux. The Croatian architect, designer and illustrator that has been using Rotring implements throughout his career. This is his message:

„Thank you, Newell Brands to allowing me to do this and for giving me the title and the role of being 'an Ambassador of rotring'.

As a user and a rotring collector, I spend a lot of time searching for information about rotring items, regular ones or rare ones. In this quest I have met many nice people and learned that there are so many rotring fans and collectors all over the world. So in the end I decided to create this kind of place to pay my tribute and to try to collect as much as possible global information about rotring.

Even as I was looking for unique rotring items for years now, I still manage to find interesting new information about promotional or other rotring items. So this Museum is planned long term and will be updated over time. It will display vintage and rarely seen items, tell stories of legendary rotring models like 600, 900 sideknock series...but also show the full extent of Rotring products. Also, one of the first objectives will be Rotring timeline which will be updated as new information is discovered. Timeline will be a great tool to date the pens or other items you may have and will enable deeper understanding of how technical tools evolved over time.

Of course, you would be most welcome to share knowledge about Rotring you may have, so feel free to get in touch. Dux“