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Dear visitors, friends and collectors,
Thank you kindly for visiting Online Rotring Museum. We hope you enjoyed it and found some valuable information for you. Of course preparing all this for you requires tremendous amount of investment, preparation and detective work, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Any type of contribution from you would be used to make content more interesting and rich and would speed up the creation. We are making this without funding only out of love and respect for rotring brand.

Rotring's role in development of technical tools and with that engineer and art professions was huge, and we feel it is very important to collect data and knowledge about rotring. The idea is to continue collecting information from all over the world, to be able to create a complete database of rotring range of products and also put all historical information in correct order. As you may imagine this is a huge and ambitious task to take, but we will do it a piece at a time like putting a puzzle back together. Of course, we cannot never find each item without participation of all.

So we would highly appreciate your contribution and help to keep this rotring 'train' on the track.

Just to give you the idea how you may be able to do that:

-Contribute with information

You may have some lost rotring catalog, magazine or ad…feel free to let us know. If you have any firsthand knowledge or story about rotring great, let us know. It would be most welcome, and we will consider including it in the museum. Although we do have a strict rule to put only confirmed information, mistakes sometimes happen. So if you notice some mistakes, feel free to let us know, so we can fix it and make the museum shine.

-Send your item for photoshoot

If you are a collector and own special rotring items, and you don't want to part with them, you can send them with confidence to us. We will treat them as precious models, gather information, make photographs and send them back to you intact. Your name will be mentioned near the item, presenting you as a known owner (if you like it to be).

-Donate items to museum

If you have some old rotring items, magazines or anything regarding rotring, and you don't would be great help if you donate it to the museum. We will note all new information, photograph and catalog the item and your name will be mentioned near the item presenting you as a donator (if you like it to be).


To keep the engine running, we need funding to invest in quality content, like the forum and other attractions we would like to incorporate into the museum. We hire professional programmers to build the database and the all growing database will cost even more. Any money donation would help us to keep the museum free and open to all and would be used for updates to the museum.


Even if you cannot contribute in any above suggestion, positive feedback will also help to keep us rolling. Knowing that there is someone on the other side of the screen appreciating the effort would surely motivate us. So feel free to write to us with praises or constructive criticism.

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